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Платно Opencart 2.3.x Special Offers Manager with a CountDown Timer, Gifts and Labels v1.2

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Модуль: Special Offers Manager with a CountDown Timer, Gifts and Labels

Подробнее о релизе:

The module is a multifunctional special offer manager. It allows you to create different types of special offers for product groups, link products to them by selecting categories and manufacturers, automatically calculate promotional prices, attach a gift, display stickers corresponding to special offers and much more

For example, we decided to give a mouse as a gift to each laptop buyer (maybe only to buyers of certain laptop models).
  1. Create a new special offer in the admin panel. Enter the name of the promotion (e.g. "Buy a laptop and get a mouse as a gift") and a description. Choose the type of special offer (in this case, "Plus a Gift"), set the deadlines for the promotion and assign special offer’s image and a sticker. Since the "Plus a Gift" type is selected, you can choose a product as a gift. In this example, you choose a specific mouse. In the future, when buying products participating in this promotion, the gift will be automatically added to cart.
  2. Choose the product that participates in the special offer. For this purpose, there is a user-friendly tool in the admin panel with the ability to select products by brand, category, SKU, name. You can find and add necessary products in seconds.
  3. You can also use a special calculator to calculate promotional prices for the chosen product. In addition, you can temporarily make the product active or inactive.
  4. Save the special offer. Attention, there will be no changes in the database until you click the "Save" button!
Now the visitor, after having clicked on the menu "Special Offers", will go to the page with the description of all special offers. Each special offer is displayed as a card with a special offer's image, a name, and a countdown timer.
A visitor can get from the page of special offers to the default page with all promotional products. The visitor can also learn more about the certain special offer and products included in it.

Additional changes in the storefront:
  • On the category pages, in the "Special Offers", "New Arrivals", "Recommended", "Bestsellers" sections, promotional products will have the corresponding sticker (if it was assigned in the admin panel). Two prices - promotional and usual - will be displayed only if they are different. Otherwise, only one price will be shown.
  • On the page of promotional products, in the "Special Offer" section, as well as in the product's card, will be displayed deadline timers for special offers.
  • There is a filtering by categories on the page of promotional products.
  • When buying products participating in promotions with a gift, the selected gift will be automatically added to cart.

Installation via OCMOD. No standard OpenCart files are replaced. Installation instruction in the INSTALLATION.txt file

Demo Storefront
Demo Adminpanel - login and password : demo

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Модуль: Special Offers Manager with a CountDown Timer, Gifts and Labels v1.2 NulleD By Team Oc-love - дистрибутив от: 05.09.2018.


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1. НЕ Требует ввода ключа.
2. Проверка лицензии удалена.
3. Стучалки удалены.
4. Удалены ссылки на оф.сайт - кроме языковых файлов.
5. Обращаю ваше внимание:
- Обязательная поддержка IonCube v10.2.X и выше.
- Версия PHP 5.6-7.0

Версии в дистрибутиве для:
- Для 2.3.X

6. Как всегда, эксклюзивно и только для oc-love.biz
7. Спасибо - Мистеру X за любезно предоставленный дистрибутив.

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