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Opencart 2.3.x-3.x.x Product Questions Answers 1.0

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Модуль: Product Questions Answers

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Overview Of Question Answer
Question Answer For Opencart module is very useful module, it provides a facility for customer and admin for clearing any doubt related to product, This extension allows customers to ask questions regarding your products by adding a new tab named "Q & A".
With this Module customers can view , ask new questions regarding your product and also answer other customers' questions.
The admin can approve or unapprove any question or answer and can even delete the question from the store backend. This module is very beneficial in clearing doubts of the customer before buying products.











What Does This Module For You
- Improve users relations and Build users loyalty
- Allow users to ask any question regarding product
- Users can view previous questions or add a new question and answer to existing questions on the particular product.

Main Features
-1 Quick management
- Q&A auto approval & permissions Option
- Question Search Option
-2 Front-End
- Ask a Question – The customer will have “Ask Question” button on each product page which displays a pop-up form to ask the questions.
- Quickly search – The customers can even search the questions by Name of Question.
- Flexible- All Questions can visible all customers. so anyone can Answer on product
-3 Admin Features
- Manage Question Answer Module from admin panel
- Admin can Approve/Disapprove any question as per need
- Admin will manage all the questions and answers.
- Admin can delete any question and answers
- Admin can use Filters to search any Specific question With Filter User Name, Product Name.

Core Features
- JOURNAL Supported
- Fully Customize Module
- Create Question & Answers for Product
- Search Bar to Search for question if one has many question
- Quick Support
- Support Multi-Language
- Support Multi-Store
- Easy to install & Manage
- Simple And Easy To Use
- Quick Installation
- No Core File Modification
- This extension is a fully stand-alone set of files, which doesn’t interfere with existing code not modify core files
- All modifications are done using VQMOD/OCMOD system.

Why To Choose Tmd Q&A
Created By Opencart Official Partner
We Are Long time to here Our Good & Professional Work give as Partnership on Opencart

Easy To Customize
For use Easy we make this module Fuly Customize like Changes Colors, text All options Available in Admin PAnel

Error Free Module
our Modules are Bug free Module. incase we face any Isue we Provide Quick Support

Professional Support
We are on Opencart Market Last 7 Year in this Markit we make 200+ Module and Themes so we have bulk of Knowledge in this framework. our All customers are happy with us beasue we provide professional support of all them.

Question Answer Module is powered with Clear documentation to make your installation even more simple.documentation explains all easy to go steps which needed for installation.

The module works with All Version of OpenCart 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x, Default Theme, Journal Theme v2, journal theme v3 and Maximum All Custom Themes are Compatible.

Free Support
IF You Face Any Issue During Installation Process we Provide Absolutely Free of Cost Support. This Process is 3 Month after your purchase, you can enjoy technical and feature support.

Enjoy :)

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1. Не требует ввода ключа.
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3. Стучалки удалены.
4. Удалены ссылки на оф.сайт - кроме языковых файлов.
5. Обращаю ваше внимание:
- Обязательная поддержка IonCube v10.2.X и выше.
- Версия PHP 5.6-7.0
- Так же, теперь отдельно папка с файлами для замены для PHP 7.1.X
- Так же, теперь отдельно папка с файлами для замены для PHP 7.2.X

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- 2.3.x
- 3.x

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8. Спасибо - Мистеру X за любезно предоставленный дистрибутив.

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